Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Can you name the ugliest flower in the world? We know this question might sound strange, but can we divide flowers into ugly and beautiful? We are sure that each and every flower has something stunning to offer, regardless of its origin, shape, and color.

However, this leads us to the next question!

Which is the most beautiful flower in the world?

Well, we couldn’t possibly name only one? There are hundreds of thousands of flowers worldwide, which are beautiful in their own way. However, some flowers have unique features that outrank others, and we will closely examine them in this article.

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry blossom

Do we really need an explanation for this one? If you have ever been to the States, then you are familiar with their National Cherry Blossom Festival held in Washington DC. In fact, this is one of the most spectacular spring festivals, and it’s organized to commemorate a particular day.

In 1912, Yukio Ozaki, a Tokyo Mayor, gifted Japanese cherry trees to the United States to strengthen their relations. Cherries symbolize the arrival of the spring and are very important to Japanese culture. For them, the cherry blossom represents a new beginning and beauty of life.

Bird of paradise

While this name might seem a bit strange, the bird of paradise is an exotic plant found in South Africa. When in full bloom, its flowers look like bird of paradise in flight. That’s how it got its name. This exotic flower is also called a crave flower.

It symbolizes unique beauty and paradise itself. The mature plant will bloom from May to September. Bird of paradise has long, green leaves, as well. It behaves well outside and requires a lot of sunshine. Once the flowers fade away, make sure to cut down the stem to encourage the next wave of blooming.

Bleeding Heart Flower
Bleeding Heart Flower

Bleeding heart

You can probably guess what bleeding heart represents – love, right? However, can you imagine this plant in your garden, decorating your outdoor space with pink-white, heart-shape-colored flowers? Doesn’t it look wonderful? Because this plant has such amazing flowers, it can capture anyone’s attention.

The bleeding heart prefers a cool and moist climate and blooms mainly in spring. Each arching stem can support up to 20 heart-shaped flowers. You can find this flower not only in pink, but white, yellow, and red color. On top of that, when droplets of water appear at the tip of the flower, they genuinely look like bleeding hearts.


Dahlia has always taken a special place among flower lovers. The reason lies in its color and size, and you can find around 42 dahlia species in the world. Depending on the type, its flowers can range between two and 20 inches in size. Additionally, you can find this flower in almost any color except blue.

This plant originates from Mexico; however, it’s widely cultivated today. It produces some of the most beautiful flowers that bloom from mid-summer to the first frost. If you want to encourage blooming, make sure to cut the stem right after the first flowers have faded away.


What would be your reaction if you spotted a lotus in a murky pond? We are sure you would be amazed by its beauty. Regardless of how dirty the pond is, you can hardly ignore the stunning lotus flower. On the other hand, this plant symbolizes grace, divinity, harmony, and purity in the Buddhist religion.

Many would say that Lotus is the most beautiful aquatic flower, and unfortunately, it can survive in harsh and cold climates. Lotus requires a lot of sunshine to grow. It is photosensitive, which means it opens in the morning and closes during the night. Lotus is also one of the biggest flowers out there since it can grow up to 10 inches in diameter.



Tulips are great flowers to have in your garden, and you can grow them in any part of the world. Which means they aren’t too sensitive to cold temperatures. There are more than 3,000 types of tulips, and they are the national symbol of the Netherlands.

Tulips open each spring, and they come in a variety of colors, except pure blue. Typically, one stem carries one flower. Its life cycle is very short, usually up to seven days.


Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. So far, there are approximately 25,000 known species of orchids, which makes them one of the largest flowering families on the planet.

You can find small or big orchids, long-living or short-living ones. Apart from these features, orchids come in their unique statues and vibrant colors. Some types of orchids resemble other plants or animals. For instance, we have a bumblebee orchid, which looks identically like this insect.

Apart from their distinctive shape, vibrant and stunning colors play a significant role in the amazing look of orchids.